Miss Adeline's Magic Tea Shop A Children's Picture Book Perfect for Bedtime

Miss Adeline has an imaginative history; she might have been a pirate or a circus performer before she opened her magical tea shop. If you visit and if you are of a kind nature she may even tell your fortune in the tea leaves. Come along for a richly illustrated story and learn what a teacup dog can mean when the teacup comes from Miss Adeline’s Magic Tea Shop.

Did I mention puppies? Cute teacup puppies? Step into a world where tea leaves can tell a fortune or deepest desire. A place that only appears when you need a good strong cup of tea, a friendly ear, and maybe even a new dream. Maids and matrons alike leave with a thought to travel or a new book to write glinting in their eyes.

Curl up with this new bedtime story written and richly illustrated by Monica Michelle that will surely delight and surprise with every page. Perfect for early reader.