Step by Step Magicians Julia Fan Art oil painting on Procreate with Bunnies & Monstera Leaves

I might have taken procrastination to new levels. I have convinced myself one chapter a day is ok. The Hemingway writers block buster. Just write a bit and leave it in the middle so you know how to write when you sit down. If you are not a writer may I introduce you to writer’s amnesia. There are 26 letters available in the English alphabet. They have been used to make Shakespeare’s best and also that horrible tweet you have been deciding if you will respond to.

I use this alphabet to create worlds most specifically faerie brushing right up against the world we inhabit. I am still hoping faeries forgive poor grammar and spelling. I am also hoping that a brilliant and kind editor will appear who will take a bunch of faerie dust whisper the magic words , “I’ve got this.” And poof brilliant novel.

Oh yes amnesia. Some days I know how to write. Rather well. Then I forget how to sentence. Hard to believe reading this well articulated and grammar checked blog I know!

The good or bad news is procrastination means art. So much art. Also my house gets cleaned. Really. I would rather clean my house on a dislocated ankle then try to write some days. Romantic writer’s life story right?

Anyway here is a Julia from The Magicians fan art illustration cuddling rather rude bunnies (if you have not watched the show and you are of an age where I am not a negative influence on your psyche please watch the Magicians the rabbits are hilarious). With Monstera leaves because reasons. Very deep reasons.

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