The Gentle One Character Design for YA Graphic Novel


The gentle one. He is the love and heart of the house. His gentle touch calls the birds from the sky and the rabbits from the burrow. His laugh as his tears echo through the house. Many wonder if he truely does his own chores or if he might have smaller fluffier help.

Flora New YA Graphic Novel Character Design for Blackwater Manor

The gardener- She sees the houses future in discarded leaves. The proper medicinal herbs are grown before one knows they are ill. She is mostly feral and appears only when she wishes to be needed. 


Pinterest Model Painting Procreate Time Lapse Video


Thanks to Ehlers Danlos and a sick husband I spent the day in bed painting Pinterest Models from vogue Italia in Procreate and PicArt. I usually only do symmetrical drawings to take advantage of Procreate’s symmetrical settings so I can save my wrists and only do half the illustration but I decided to push myself a bit and call it physical therapy😂