The Gentle One Character Design for YA Graphic Novel


The gentle one. He is the love and heart of the house. His gentle touch calls the birds from the sky and the rabbits from the burrow. His laugh as his tears echo through the house. Many wonder if he truely does his own chores or if he might have smaller fluffier help.

Flora New YA Graphic Novel Character Design for Blackwater Manor

The gardener- She sees the houses future in discarded leaves. The proper medicinal herbs are grown before one knows they are ill. She is mostly feral and appears only when she wishes to be needed. 


First Players Have Started on Blackwater Manor Horror Story Prompt Game

First Players Have Started on Blackwater Manor Horror Story Prompt Game

It is a sleepover so I have a captive/ captured audience. They are just starting to read through to choose their protagonist/ problem/ room or labyrinth. I have been assured I am in for mountains and rivers of blood and gore. I can’t imagine where these two came from.

I am really excited to find out what is going right with Blackwater Manor and where I can improve the gaming side of it. I just got a massive break and a literary agent is interested!!!! I just want to make sure the game is really playable.

If you are interested in playing please first

Second download the PDF here

Third let me know what you think. What went wrong. How can I make it easier to play?

Thank you so much!!!!

Lady Ravenwood Inspired By Frida Kahlo Lowbrow Art Illustration


Lady Ravenwood was a frequent guest at Blackwater Manor, so frequent she had her own seat of rooms.High up the north tower. So far that only the most athletic servants would be chosen to wait on her, after the unfortunate incident. The servant was found just in time exhausted and babbling.

In a complex world of adults and their chosen titles and relationships she was called aunt to a gaggle of children that shared no blood ties. She was a favorite. Her velvet pouch held all manner of mysteries, trinkets, and treats. A scarab from an Egyptian dig she had us left cursed was the legend, delightful no? A marionette that moved with no strings that could be seen or felt. Magic? Surely if there are no other options it must be…she invited only one to look closely. The child’s jaw opened and their head shook side to side. Still magic? No, but it is magic explained. No one saw that child for a fortnight being locked in a lab. The marvels created in that fevered mania appear in the house and populate Lady Ravenwood’s room.

Lady Ravenwood was fond of saying she lived her life as if it were being written. Good was lovely but adventure was the real page turner. She never shooed children from her path. She lived as a story and what good would that be without a rapt audience?