The Gentle One Character Design for YA Graphic Novel


The gentle one. He is the love and heart of the house. His gentle touch calls the birds from the sky and the rabbits from the burrow. His laugh as his tears echo through the house. Many wonder if he truely does his own chores or if he might have smaller fluffier help.

Flora New YA Graphic Novel Character Design for Blackwater Manor

The gardener- She sees the houses future in discarded leaves. The proper medicinal herbs are grown before one knows they are ill. She is mostly feral and appears only when she wishes to be needed. 


Lady Ravenwood Inspired By Frida Kahlo Lowbrow Art Illustration


Lady Ravenwood was a frequent guest at Blackwater Manor, so frequent she had her own seat of rooms.High up the north tower. So far that only the most athletic servants would be chosen to wait on her, after the unfortunate incident. The servant was found just in time exhausted and babbling.

In a complex world of adults and their chosen titles and relationships she was called aunt to a gaggle of children that shared no blood ties. She was a favorite. Her velvet pouch held all manner of mysteries, trinkets, and treats. A scarab from an Egyptian dig she had us left cursed was the legend, delightful no? A marionette that moved with no strings that could be seen or felt. Magic? Surely if there are no other options it must be…she invited only one to look closely. The child’s jaw opened and their head shook side to side. Still magic? No, but it is magic explained. No one saw that child for a fortnight being locked in a lab. The marvels created in that fevered mania appear in the house and populate Lady Ravenwood’s room.

Lady Ravenwood was fond of saying she lived her life as if it were being written. Good was lovely but adventure was the real page turner. She never shooed children from her path. She lived as a story and what good would that be without a rapt audience?

Fairy Queen Procreate Digital Painting Time Lapse Video

Procreate 4 with Adobe Sketch painted portrait of the fairy queen. Today’s video is new work in progress. Fairy Queen Procreate Digital Painting is a fantasy illustration and I really lost track of how many hours in real time this digital painting took. It was done over hours in doctor waiting rooms this week (yay spoonie artists and my fellow ehlers danlos zebras). Thank


Painting a Mermaid in Procreate Using Pose and Lighting from Ball Joint Doll Maker Marina Bychkova

Sadly I am still procrastinating by making day long illustrations trying to convince myself that 1 chapter and one new setting for Blackwater Manor is enough. To be fair it is the dining room with small dragons that move your salt and pepper around for you and the chandelier is something to be a little in awe of and maybe even a little frightened of.

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Marie Antoinette Low Brow Quote Illustration


I procrastinate and when I procrastinate I tend to do lowbrow illustrations of Marie Antoinette. This one I did as a mix of Marie Antoinette manga inspired image with a Jane Austen quote. 

“Run as mad as you choose just do not loose your head.”  Ok I took some liberties with the Austen quote.





A New Penelope and Beatrice Picturebook for Kids on the History of Gardening?

A very kind florist asked for a children's book on gardening....

How could I resist? Keep a look out or better yet subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to know about Penelope and Beatrice. Learn some new gardening tips and fun outdoor activities and new indoor rainy day activities. 

What History Lesson Should I Cover? New Kidlit Illustration for History of Ballet Picture Book

Still a work in progress but what do you think of the little ballerina I have been illustrating? Thinking next year of doing a history of ballet book for kids. What topics would you like for a new history book? 

Tune in to I Can’t Believe That Happened Podcast for Black History month and in March for the History of Stage Magic. Until then I will keep sketching😊 


Gift Ideas For Bookworms Bedtime Stories

Gift Ideas for bedtime stories is a post I have been very excited to do. I have a slight hoarding issue with Picture Books. I bought them for my children when they were young but I still curl up with them to enjoy the gorgeous illustrations and tales.Especially now that I write and illustrate my own.

Here are a few of a children’s book illustrator’s family favorite bedtime stories:

  1. Snuggle Bunny

  2. Animalia

  3. Goodnight Moon

  4. Blueberry Girl

  5. Pride and Prejudice Baby Lit

These are my absolute favorite that I could read every night and never get sick of them. Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman might be a little less known but it is so utterly charming and written for Tori Amos’ daughter. (Any other mid 90’s teens still crushing on Tori Amos? I can’t be the only one!)

5 + Gift Ideas for Bookworms Picture Books You Have Not Seen An Illustrators Favorites

5 + Gift Ideas for Bookworms Picture Books You Have Not Seen An Illustrators Favorites

Picture books make wonderful gifts for children. I am not just saying that because I am a children’s book writer and illustrator. Even as an adult my picture books are treasured and I have a collection that borders on hoarding.

I hope you forgive me for putting my own bedtime story Snuggle Bunny by some of my favorites Such as

The Night Gardener

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

A Fairy Went A Marketing

A Fairy Bedtime Story


A Dignity of Dragons

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